Unfortunately your cat’s warm, furry body is also the perfect breeding spot for fleas & ticks. Protect your home and cat with our fast and effective cat flea and tick control treatment especially in Singapore’s warm and humid climate which encourages their breeding.

We Provide Shaving > De-fleaing > De-ticking services > chemical bath treatment to ensure the fleas & ticks issue is eliminated. We will also recommend you a ticks and fleas pest control specialist if needed. Always remember, Swift removal is key as they are able to lay mutiple eggs.

Both sexes require blood meals to move from different stage of life and the female requires it for reproduction. The female tick is capable of laying 3000-5000 eggs. They are vectors of diseases such as Lyme disease, tularemia , typhus, etc.

Fleas & ticks are commonly blamed for causing serious illnesses, including the bubonic plague. While cat fleas do not prefer to feed on humans, a cat flea bite on human skin can result in a number of diseases including plague, cat-scratch disease and typhus

Cat fleas were the cause of the Bubonic Plague disease which killed over 50 million people.

Immediate treatment is key.